Kariega Consulting

Safety & Industrial Supplies

We provide a sales and distribution service in the supply of a diverse product range of safety and general industrial supplies.


Market and sell your products

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Sales, Marketing and distribution

Sales & Distribution

Kariega Consulting provides a sales, marketing and distribution service representing a select portfolio of manufactures and suppliers.

We take care of getting your product to market.

Think of us as your out-sourced sales department.  We have all the expertise and experience, combined with agility and flexibility to respond to fast-moving industries and rapidly changing circumstances.

Helping you focus on what you do best

How we work with you

We know that your focus is on designing and manufacturing your products.

There’s little time and energy to focus on sales and distribution.

We take care of sales and marketing, so that you can focus on manufacturing a great product.

Your Sales Team

Kariega Consulting is positioned as an extension of your sales and marketing team by acting as an agent or manufactures representative in a sales promotion and market development capacity.

Expert advice

When you work with Kariega Consulting, you have access to my wealth of knowledge, and I am able to offer advice based on my years of experience in the field.

Expertise & experience

About Kariega Consulting

My name is Stuart Wood, and I’m the Founder of Kariega Consulting.

I have been involved in the broader safety and firefighting related industry for the past 25 years. 

I started out as an entrepreneur and this path culminated with me holding the position as a director of a well-established business in this sector.

My portfolio included coordinating the marketing activities for the group and providing a technical sales support function.

I believe that the client always comes first – which means truly exceptional service.